HeliPanda Detects Roadside Bombs | Looks Pretty!

HeliPanda - A pretty looking unmanned helicopter like panda is well equipped to detect the road side bombs.
HeliPanda Sensor - It consists of a high-definition electro optical sensor and an "unintentional electromagnetic emissions" which can detect the emissions form IED and other explosive devices It starts alarming, when it detects any emission.

helipanda image photo heli panda android white hat codename graphicThis small unmanned helipanda (like drone) is controlled by men wireless by remote control and heli panda would be flying over the vehicles searching for the bombs.

Helipanda has been widely used in the antiterrorist missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Which is coming soon in India. As in Chhattisgarh and other sates of India Maoists, Naxalites and terrorists are increasing militant activities. Helipanda will help in antimaoists and anti terrorist missions.
But I think it will be the toy of  VIPs only :(

Isn't it cute?

Shekhar Sahu
Helipanda image credit Scheibel

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