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By Shekhar Sahu on 05 December 2009 12:01 AM

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Google Launched an always visible sidebar option panel to it's classical homepage.

Goto Make sure that you have log out from your Google account.Copy the below code and paste in the address bar of your browser window (same tab) where is opened.

Copy the following code :

Then hit enter or If it doesn't make any change refresh the browser.

You see an option panel, pretty changed icons and logos.

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Did you like this new add on of Google?
Do you think this should be the default style of Google Classic home page?
Shekhar Sahu

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Great find!.... i think soon google will release this beta version to the general public! :D

Posted on December 9, 2009 at 7:50 PM  

Thank you for being in
I think that should be optional, and more addons should be included.

Posted on December 9, 2009 at 9:27 PM  

Now the search looks similar to Yahoo search results.. :)

Posted on December 28, 2009 at 12:39 PM  

Let me check, I haven't ever used yahoo to make any search!
Nowadays they have become copycats :P

Posted on December 28, 2009 at 12:50 PM  

Hi friend,

the article looking interesting. I gave a try to this... thanks for sharing this.

Posted on December 28, 2009 at 1:02 PM  

Thanks Deepika for visiting and commenting comenting.
I hope you find others posts also usful of this little blogger.

Posted on December 28, 2009 at 2:28 PM  

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