FDM Dowloads Emu8086 102%, Dowloaded Extra!

By Shekhar Sahu on

05 September, 2010  at 1:51 AM

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FDM Dowloads Emu8086 102%, Dowloaded Extra! How?, H! How
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This is the first post in the new category, I will be posting similar posts now. Today I was downloading a software Emu8086 with Free Download Manager. The download status shows something we are not used to see of. It downloaded 102%. I wanted to find out if someone else experienced the same. Giant G couldn't find out any explanations about it.
FDM downloads extra :D
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Hehe.. now this is something odd! :D I have never seen this before mate :D

Posted on September 7, 2010 at 9:19 PM