How to Setup Google Android Development Environment with Eclipse IDE

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We have seen great rise in Google's Android OS. Google CEO recently revealed about Android's new version Android 2.3 code named Gingerbread, know more. We also got the news that Android is now ready to power Tablet PCs. Android is extremely popular among Developers. Google released Android SDK, Emulator and App Inventor for the developer. If you want to Setup a Google Android Development Environment, follow the procedure in this article.

Setup An Android Development Environment on Eclipse IDE

In order to setup a Google Android Development Environment, Eclipse must be downloaded and installed. Eclipse is an IDE or an integrated development environment. It can now be installed for Windows and OS X. As for linux users, it now comes as pre-configured.

After successful download of Eclipse, Google Android SDK must also be downloaded and installed. A kit for software development will be made available and this will provide all the necessary libraries for Android application.

After successful download of Google Android SDK, Eclipse must be located and executed. To do this, Workspace must first be created. Follow instruction provided on screen and everything will be easy and automatic. After executing Eclipse, Android Eclipse Add-on must be added and Android SDK location must be set. Once setup is complete, applications can now be developed. You can now start working on an Android project.


To download eclipse, go to
To download Google Android SDK, Go to

If you face any difficulty setting up the android environment and using Eclipse IDE you can comment below.

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Frankly speaking i am not into this, i mean setting up development for mobiles kind of stuff. Like the layout.

Posted on November 26, 2010 at 10:46 PM  

Frankly speaking i am not into this, i mean setting up development for mobiles kind of stuff. Like the layout.

Posted on November 28, 2010 at 3:33 PM