Google Introduces Mobile Templates For Blogger Blogs, Reading On Go!

By Shekhar Sahu on 18 December 2010 9:30 PM

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Blogger Introduces Mobile Template For Blogger Blogs, Read On Go!
After Wordpress, Blogger/Blogspot is known as the best blogging platform around. Google constantly adds and improves features to blogger. Yesterday Blogger introduced new mobile templates for blogger blogs. Until now no separate mobile version was available.

Although Joomla & Drupal are also powerful, but they are least discussed/used services. Blogger's new mobile template is aimed for smartphones. So Mobile Template opted in blogs will automatically redirect phones to the mobile blog. Comments, images and videos are still accessible.

URL Structure

Adding ?m=1 at the end of URL(which will be automatically done on smartphones, Automatic Redirection) will display the mobile template. And placing ?m=0 will disable the mobile version of blogger blog.

How to Access New Mobile Template

1> This feature is only available for those who have switched to new blogger dashboard/composer.
Go to and switch to blogger in draft first.

If you have already switched to blogger in draft, you can skip this step.

2> Now in order to enable mobile template navigate as follows:
Dashboard > Setting > Email & Mobile tab
Here you can enable this feature and save the settings.

3> If you want to know how will it look on smartphones, click on preview button from your desktop browser, and see if it looks fine.

4> Gadgets/Widgets : only few gadgets or widgets will work on mobile version, remaining will be removed off.

Blogger Introduces Mobile Template For Blogger Blogs, Read On Smartphones!

Custom Mobile Template for Blogger Blog

Blogger doesn't now feature any editable mobile template, but it automatically transforms the main template into mobile template. If you are using one of the default templates,it will work for you fine. But If you are using any custom template, it will display it on white, simple but yet elegant mobile template.

Are you using Mobile Template for your blog? Did you  like this new feature? Waiting to hear from you.

Shekhar Sahu

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