Reserve Bank of India gives tough time to PayPal

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29 January, 2011  at 3:39 AM

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paypal ends service in india
paypal dies in India to  comply with governing body Reserve Bank of India logo

For Payapal users residing in India there is a shocking news. The Reserve Bank of India RBI has come with new regulator guidelines for paypal, which would start functioning from March 1st. To comply with RBI's guidelines, now in export related products and services paypal payment may not exceed $500.
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How to appear online to selected Facebook friends

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  at 2:25 AM

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How to Appear Offline to Particular Facebook Friends
Note-This tutorial was written on readers' request. Got your school/college/university teachers or parents on Facebook? Do they find you online all the time, embarrassing and you know the other consequences. Facebook got another privacy issue,. Here is a simple trick which would let you be offline only to the particular friends and online to rest. Here we will be using Facebook's new list feature.

Finally Mobile Number Portability Service Launched in India

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21 January, 2011  at 2:22 AM

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Mobile Number Portability Launches in India After Many DelaysFree Mobile Number Portability Launches India, Choose Best mobile operator
Mobile Number Portability Launches India After Many Delays title

Almost every customer has some complaints with his/her mobile operator regarding poor service, high call rates, network congestion etc. No more sufferings now. The prime minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh launched Mobile Number Portability in the country yesterday. The long awaited services finally has gone live. Now customers can change/port to their mobile operator  at any time without changing the 10 digit number after paying a little fee.

Facebook Not Shutting Down This March, It Just Started Now, Rumors Still Have No End

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11 January, 2011  at 9:08 PM

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Facebook Not Shutting Down in March, It Just Strarted Now Shutdown of Facebook in March-Media Stunt-Tabloid-Rumor thumb icon

Shutdown of Facebook in March-Media Stunt-Tabloid-Rumor

Will Facebook End on March 15th?
Is Facebook Closing?
Last week, Tabloid Weekly World News has shaken the world and drawn attention after posting a hoax news that Facebook will be shutdown on March 15. This rumor has been spreading like wild fire and the topic is in hot trends. The website cited that the shut down was confirmed by Mark Zukerberg, CEO & Founder of  Facebook, in a press conference in front of Palo Alto Facebook Office.

Acquisition of #Motorola Networks by #Nokia Siemens Network Delays

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02 January, 2011  at 2:54 AM

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Nokia Siemens Network Targets Motorola Acquisition in First Quarter of 2011Nokia Siemens Network's Acquisition of Motorola Network Targeted in First Quarter of 2011 thumb icon

Nokia Siemens Network's Acquisition of Motorola Network Targeted in First Quarter of 2011
The leading global telecommunication service provider Nokia Siemens Network announced the delay in acquisition Motorola's Public Carrier Wireless Network. The delays are due to pending of approval from Chinese Authorities.