Hands on Drupal in Free Software Movement of India Workshop

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16 July, 2011  at 11:01 PM

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Hands on Drupal in Free Software Movement WorkshopHands on Drupal in Free Software Movement Workshop

Hands on Drupal in Free Software Movement Workshop
A  workshop on FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) was conducted by FSMI, at our college, BIT Durg today. The participants were introduced to open source ideaologies. How open source software started and got evolved over time. Later the workshop turned into DIY, participants learned how to build a drupal powered website.

Free Software Movement of India [FSMI]

Free Software Movement of India was formed in year 2010 to popularize open source idealogy. FSMI aims to create awareness about free software products, creating environment, motivating developers to contribute to open source technologies.
Mr Kiran Chandra, General Secretery of FSMI was present in the workshop. He explained how if every programmer of India contributes at least few hours to Open Source Projects every week, then India can become a super power in fields of computers. He also told how closed source softwares users are treated as slaves. He urged to adopt Open Source and make technology as slave and get the max use of it. When an open source software is released, bugs are identified and fixed within few hour of released, that's one of the most important benefit, he added.Prof. DP Mishra, Head of the Department Computer Science & Engg Branch, asked the participants to become torch bearer and spread the open source awareness in the region.


Drupal is one of the most popular open source content mangament system (CMS) and framework other than Joomla and Wordpress. Drupal can be used to create blog to full fledged websites. Many popular educational institutions and governemnts use drupal. Druapal is written in PHP, and supports wide range of databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase etc. It's distributed under GNU GPL licence. With Drupal anyone with no programming knowleged can build websites, using tons of freely available modules & themes. Drupal project was started by Dries Buytaert, and it's first release came out in 2001.

In the practical sessions participants went through basics of Drupal, and the session was followed by a group discussion.


┌ FSMI fsmi.in
└ Drupal drupal.org

In our next post we will tell you how to install drupal, and build a blog or a forum in no time.

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