Hate Facebook chat UI? Download an all in one chat client Pidgin

By Shekhar Sahu on 17 July 2011 10:52 AM

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Hate Facebook Chat Update? Solution is Here - Pidgin

So Mark Jukerberg hates the their new rival, Google Plus. A news was coming out Facebook is working on a secrete project named Facebook Plus. We dont know when we are getting it.
Yesterday Facebook chat got screwed up, You can no longer see all of your online friends in the chat list.

Facebook is loved for changes it brings, however it's hated for the same. Just yesterday Facebook Video Chat came out, which is not available to all. Last week facebook updated it's chat, so multiple users can chat together without creating a group.

Yesterday only facebook chat was updated, and a sidebar appears with a message "A Faster Way to Message" (I would say a Slower Way) and a button prompting to Try It Now. Oh you are now allowed to opt out from this service. Now facebook chat list appears in a sidebar which will show only the limited number of buddies both offline and online. Despite of minimizing (hiding the sidebar) it prompts up with the same message on every page. It's so irritating. So you can no longer see all of your online friends all together. We hope facebook rolls back this update.

Anyways we have a solution- Try Pidgin.

Pidgin is an all in one, universal chat client which supports many chat rooms, including MSN, Facebook, Gtalk, with XMPP protocol support.

Here you can see all of your online friends together.
You can easily login to this client and is independent of your browser. So you will not get online-offline problem on facebook.

Learn more about Pidgin, how to install and configure here
Pidgin All in One Universal Chat Client

Download Pidgin https://pidgin.im/download/

Shekhar Sahu

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