Help! I got ants in my DSLR camera - How to get rid of the ants?

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19 June, 2013  at 12:12 AM

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My camera and I recovered from a great disaster few weeks ago. Hundreds of ants entered in my DSLR Nikon D90. At first I had no idea of what to do. Everyone gave different advice. I tried almost everything. I will share them and let's see what worked best. I am also sharing some tips which can help keep your  baby safe ;)

1. I picked the ants from hand and blew them away. This may take hours of effort but all lucky ants remaining inside wont go.

2. I put my camera in sun. The ants couldn't bear the heat inside, and started to come out. But the heat outside was much more than the inside, so ants preferred to stay inside. PS- make sure you don't heat the camera in sun more than the suggested operating temperature mentioned in the manual.

4 Best Android Security Apps to Make Devices Secure

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09 June, 2013  at 7:16 AM

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4 Best Android Security Apps to Make Android Secure
Android is one the most widely used mobile operating system which has now reached the tablet interface too. Android helps us take our mobiles to the next level as it supports broader multi-tasking, backups, and other basic security features as well. But Android comes without an antivirus which makes it vulnerable to malwares or other viruses which can destroy the functionality of the whole operating system. That is why it is recommended to add some basic Security applications to your mobile phone to make it secure.

Pidgin The Best All in One Chat Application - Download Now

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01 June, 2013  at 6:56 PM

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Pidgin: An All in one Universal Instant Messenger thumb icon
Pidgin Chat Client for Gtalk Facebook Yahoo MSN MySpace ICQ IRC and other chat networks

How many chat rooms and IM networks are you in? Do you chat on Facebook, msn/live messenger, Yahoo messenger, Gtalk and hundreds of other chat rooms? Then it would be hard for you to manage all these clients. What if you could chat with all buddies on a single clients. Then we have Pidgin an all in one universal chat program with many added features. Let's explore it today.

Prevent CPU from Overheating this Summer in India - Reapply Thermal Paste Now

CPU Overheating-Apply Thermal Grease on Heat Sink & CPU to Prevent CPU Overheating Applications
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CPU Overheating Apply best Thermal paste on Heat Sink & how to Prevent CPU Overheating windows 8 BIOS launch  arctic silver vs thermal compound paste sink cooler 

Does your system shut down or restart automatically because of CPU overheating? Do you live in hot climate like India? Or you find reduction in the performance of your system. If you just formatted your system but the machine couldn't gain speed significantly. Then that's too because of CPU overheating. CPU overheating can be caused by poor chip design, poor heat sink, poor fan, adverse ambient/room temperatures, CPU usage etc. In all it's about heat dissipation. Too much heat can cause your systems to crash and it decreases the life of your expensive tiny chip. The optimum CPU temperature is between 20 degrees to 60 degrees, any rise in temperature above 65 or 70 degrees would be dangerous. In this tutorial we would be discussing about some ways to keep your CPU cooler, and especially how to properly apply a suitable Thermal Grease/Compound/Gel/Paste on CPU and Heat Sink.