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By Shekhar Sahu on 14 October 2009 2:42 PM


Link shorteners like TinyURL are very popular among the internet users. It shortens links to share them over SMS, comments, email, IM, microblogging platforms, short URL redirection, domain redirection, URL forwarding and other contexts. is a new URL shortening service, It's a more intelligent URL shortening and forwarding service.


You can keep tracks on your shortened and shared links with It updates the geolocation, traffic and the referral history of your links. If you are tweeting or sending any link via SMS then is the must use application.

for example, the following is a long link to a flash application I created a few days back:

It was compressed to

For Analytics and Stats

You can see the click analytics information viz, geolocations referrals etc. by placing a plus sign (+) just after the URL eg Referral list looks and feels better than tinyURL and it is also free form annoying ads.

Some more URL shorteners :
Google recently launched it's url shortener which is currently available for Google Apps. Now feedburner is utilizing to tweet feeds automatically. Do you know any other URL shortener?
Shekhar Sahu

Twitter Announced it's own URL Shortener

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