For ICP License Google Stops Auto Redirect from Google China to HongKong Stops Auto Redirect to HongKong Site for ICP License

Google China to Stop AutoRedirection To Uncensored HongKong webSite image
Update:Google has had renewed the ICP license to work in China.
Highly criticized Google China case come to an end, when Google China stops to redirect users to Google HongKong Page. If you missed it, Due to high censorship pressure of local laws Google took a move to reroute it's China website to uncensored HongKong one in March this year. Which was unacceptable for Chinese government, Chinese media and some users, and highly criticized. Soon after, GoDaddy too stopped registering .cn domain names. However Google claims that is working well for users and Google. But the end of redirection has a big reason, If Google doesn't stop this, It will not be able to renew it's Internet Content Provider (ICP) license.

Sandisk Tamper Proof SD WORM - Write Once Read Many, Keep Permanent Records for 100 Years

By Shekhar Sahu on 26 June 2010 7:33 PM

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Sandisk Tamper Proof Worm SD Write Once Read Many Can Store Images for 100 YearsSandisk SD WORM Write Once Read Many  Cruzer Blade Memory Cards can store images for 100 years Image

Sandisk SD WORM Write Once Read Many Memory Cards can store images for 100 years Image

Forensic scientists and Police department always wanted a permanent solution to store images and other evidence (just forget in Bhopal case the alteration of IPC 300 to 300A for now). Traditionally a 35mm film was employed for storing forensic images, data in this case is degraded and finally lost overtime. So, Sandisk Corporation the leading flash memory card manufacture launched Sandisk WORM SD cards "Write Once Read Many". These worm SD cards can store images for about 100 years without any degradation. Sandisk has already shipped volume of 1GB SD worm cards to Japan Police.

Backup Flickr & Picasa Images By Online

Backup Flickr, Picasa Images Via without Downloading the ImagesBackup flickr and picasa web album images for free at send free sms via

Backup Import images of Flickr and Picasa web albums vis photo free sms
Ever thought of backing up images of your Flickr or Picasa web albums? Many times you may have lost your data on computer due to your system crash. It is possible that Yahoo or Google would delete your account due to any reason.. Shouldn't you take a backup of your precious memories?  I have more than 1000 images in Picasa & Flickr albums, I take backup of them regularly. I tried various software and services. But I liked one most - Indyarocks. Indyrocks is an Indian social networking & blogging site. You can also send free SMS from PC to mobile via Indyrocks, it's another advantage of using Indyrocks. Continue reading for step by step process on backing up the pictures.

[SEO Tip] Flickr vs Picasa Web Which One is Better Optimized for Image Search?

SEO Flickr vs Picasa Web Albums Which One is Better Optimized for Search Engines?Flickr vs Picasa for SEO Optimize images & Blogs for Image search
SEO: Flickr vs Picasa web album which one is more seo friendly for wordpress and blogger blogs

Blogs look just empty without images. I suggest fellow bloggers to add at least a single image to their blogs. The image may be the screen shot, logo or anything. Then comes hosting of images, You may like to read "Top Image Hosting & Sharing Solutions". Having images also has another advantage of Image Search, I am revealing that 20% of total traffic from search egines to WhiteHatAndroid comes from image search. (search percentage is 80% however) The secret is "Optimizing Images for SEO". I wrote a full article on "SEO for Images for Better Image Search", you must read before this. Flickr and Picasa Web are the most popular image hosting services from Yahoo & Google respectively. However there are other websites too like Imgeshack, Tinypics etc. So which image hosting provider should you choose  Flickr or Picasa Web  ? Let me compare them as an SEO.

Transmute Bookmark Manager & Converter Across All Popular Web Browsers

Transmute | Convert & Manage Your Bookmarks across All Web Browserstransmute pro transmute plus free download converter of bookmarks image

transmute pro transmute plus free download converter of bookmarks image

Bookmarking is the best method to save a link of your favorite website or any content on web. An Internet user saves dozens of bookmarks every day. In fact there are many social networks devoted to bookmarking like digg, stumble upon, delicious, and the list may go bigger.  If you bookmark your favorite links in multiple browsers, and bookmarking networks. You would face lots of difficulties managing your bookmarks. So we have a little but very useful application Transmute to do all the works for us. Transmute is a bookmark converter and manager, which can handle all bookmarking formats and web browsers. You can import and export bookmarks across multiple platforms including Google bookmarks, Delicious. The features aren't finished yet..

GoogleCL Google Command Line Utility in Python, Access Web Services with Commands

Google Released GoogleCL (Google Command Line)

A day before yesterday Google introduced GoogleCL {Google Command Line} a command line application fully written in Python. GoogleCL is open source and available for free to download. This geeky utility is great for command line & terminal lovers. Similarly on GoogleCL you can access Google services with command lines. Currently you can use services like Google Picasa, Docs, YouTube, Blogger, Calendar, and Contacts with GoogleCL. So from blogging to uploading videos, complete folder of images, updating contacts and calenders, all are just a command line away. see examples-->

Sony Vaio J Series Touch PC, All in One Desktop Solution

A Sneak Peek of Sony Vaio J Series  All in One Touch PC
 Sony VAIO J series released Desktop PC, touch screen HD robust performance image

Sony VAIO J series released Desktop PC, touch screen HD robust performance image

Now a days the contemporary PCs are designed all in one. They take minimal space and best suit for offices. Recently Sony revealed VAIO J series PC all in one desktop PCs, which will go on sell at the end of this month. The 21.5" touch screen gives you full HD 1080p experience. Sony VAIO J is a powerful PC Intel i7-600 processors (2.66 GHz) with turbo boost up to 3.33 GHz. Sony VAIO J has huge space with 500 GB HDD, 6 GB of RAM and NVIDIA Geforce graphics with 512 MB VRAM. Isn't it huge in this mini PC? Let's see what's more.

Opera 10.60 Beta Fastest Web Browser on Earth Released, 50% Faster Then Predecessor

Opera 10.60 Beta Fastest Browser on Earth Releasedopera 10.60 available free download the world's fastest browser

opera 10.60 available free download the world's fastest browser opera 10.70 soon

Tests have proofed that Opera is now the fastest browser in the world. Yesterday Opera released Opera 10.60 beta to public which promises 50% faster in JavaScript test than it's predecessor, which was already the fastest browser. Opera 10.60 features the new web standards like GeoLocation, HTML 5 Video with WebM, attractive icons, smart search, better previews, wide speed dial, mouse gesture based navigation and many more. The browser is available for Linux, Mac & FreeBSD as well.

Microsoft Rolls Out New Windows Live Hotmail, Cool Features

New Windows Live Hotmail Goes Live new windows Live wave 4 hotmail, more secured, more reliable

new windows live hotmail vs gmail

It's a great day for Microsoft, at first the final version of Microsoft Office 2010 hit the market, and now new Windows Live Hotmail Rolls Out. New hotmail is enriched of SSL, integration of Office Web Apps, Huge attachment up to 10GB via skydrive, One Time Password Always, Conversation Threading, enhanced anti spam and  many useful features.

There should be no doubt that Live Hotmail is one of the most powerful and secured email service, which was a paid service in early days. If you really want to know about how secured it is then contact any |-|ac|<er. Before I start I must tell you I am fan of Hotmail.

3DNA Desktop Enhancer, Transforms Your Desktop into 3D House

3DNA 3D House Desktop Enhancement & Customization

3DNA 3d desktop enhancer tool image

Wonder if your home becomes your computer! Your web browser hanging on a wall, slide shows on the other, all your software in a showcase and your games in casino. Is this possible, I am extremely excited to share a little software 3DNA Desktop , you would feel the same level of excitement after installing it :))) 3DNA Desktop transforms your desktop in a 3D house, where you can easily navigate with keyboard.

Nine Most Useful Online Learning Tools

Nine Most Useful Online Learning Tools
useful online tools

Nine 09 Useful Online learning Tools

You can learn nearly any topic on the internet. If you want to learn a language, how to rebuild a carburetor, or how to create a business plan, there is a tutorial or E-learning course available to do it. Here are ten sites which offer a free education.

Contest#1 Started : Win Free Advertising on

Who doesn't like contests? Especially bloggers love it most. So, we have organized a simple contest to give away 2 ad slots (125x125)  to the winners on WhiteHatAndroid.Com with AdvertiseSpace. I hope contest is very simple for you. One thing different in this contest is for the benefit of every participants, not only limited to the winners, so it's a win win situation. Check out the rules and prize for winners & all participants :)

Note - This contest has started..

Google Caffeine Search Index - Fresh Content Always

Google Caffeine Search Index For Real Time Updates

Google's New Caffeine Search Indexer updates in real time photo caffine/cafine/cafeine caffeine vs Google classic

We know Google Search for its most relevant contents. This search Giant continuously adds new features and updates search algorithms in order to gives us best of our expectations. Last week they added customizable background to it's home page, which was much admired.
Google added more to the search, which is out of expectations. keeping future in mind, Google announced Google Caffeine Search Index yesterday, promising the 50% fresh contents with real time updates, not only twitter of course :) Google Caffeine is ready to roll out.

(read more for some cool facts)

Help Blogger Improve, Test New Features & Google Pays You $75 Gift Checks

Participate in Blogger Usabilty Study & Google Pays $75 Rewards

Google Rewards/pays $75 to test new features in Blogger image

Blogger is one of the most popular Blogging software. Since Google acquired, Google has been adding new features and trying to make it of enterprise level, though wordpress users won't try to agree!

Blogger team has invited users to participate in a feedback and testing session, actually usability study session for them. The participants will get opportunity to explore many new features which are under development and ready to roll out. Our feedback will help them to know What are our needs? What do we expect? How can Blogger improve? and What are our complaints?

CoolHotmail - Choose 100+ unique email ids which shows your personality

By Shekhar Sahu on 01 June 2010 6:10 AM


Cool Hotmail - Choose Cool personalized custom hotmail email id image
Update on 2018:

Cool Hotmail service has been discontinued. All of the Hotmail users have been migrated to now.

Are you bored with @gmail @hotmail @live @yahoo email IDs? or do you have any other boring, very common overused email id? Do you want your personalized email id for free? Yes, your own!

It's possible to get a cool custom email id which reveals your personality, thanks to Microsoft Hotmail.  Hotmail has launched a new service "Cool Hotmail" which lets the existing or new users create a unique email id from a big list of domains. This service is targeted exclusively to Indians at the moment.

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