How to turn your desktop into a 3D workspace?

By Shekhar Sahu on 15 June 2010 10:20 AM

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3DNA 3d desktop enhancer tool image

Wonder if your home becomes your computer! Your web browser hanging on a wall, slide shows on the other, all your software in a showcase and your games in the arcade. Is this possible, I am extremely excited to share a little software 3DNA Desktop, you would feel the same level of excitement after installing it. 3DNA Desktop transforms your desktop in a 3D house, where you can easily navigate with the keyboard.

The Most Useful Online Learning Tools

By Guest on 11 June 2010 11:49 PM

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You can learn nearly any topic on the internet. If you want to learn a language, how to rebuild a carburetor, or how to create a business plan, there is a tutorial or E-learning course available to do it. Here are ten sites that offer free education.

CoolHotmail - Choose 100+ unique email ids which shows your personality

By Shekhar Sahu on 01 June 2010 6:10 AM


Cool Hotmail - Choose Cool personalized custom hotmail email id image
Update on 2018:

Cool Hotmail service has been discontinued. All of the Hotmail users have been migrated to now.

Are you bored with @gmail @hotmail @live @yahoo email IDs? or do you have any other boring, very common overused email id? Do you want your personalized email id for free? Yes, your own!

It's possible to get a cool custom email id which reveals your personality, thanks to Microsoft Hotmail.  Hotmail has launched a new service "Cool Hotmail" which lets the existing or new users create a unique email id from a big list of domains. This service is targeted exclusively to Indians at the moment.

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