GoogleCL Google Command Line Utility in Python, Access Web Services with Commands

Google Released GoogleCL (Google Command Line)

A day before yesterday Google introduced GoogleCL {Google Command Line} a command line application fully written in Python. GoogleCL is open source and available for free to download. This geeky utility is great for command line & terminal lovers. Similarly on GoogleCL you can access Google services with command lines. Currently you can use services like Google Picasa, Docs, YouTube, Blogger, Calendar, and Contacts with GoogleCL. So from blogging to uploading videos, complete folder of images, updating contacts and calenders, all are just a command line away. see examples-->

From the first day it attracted many developers. If you want to contribute to this project, you can join.

To use this utility you must have python installed in your system even running gdata libraries. Python is a dynamic object oriented programming language, made for general purpose. However it is also used for software development.


tip: all commands in small letters

Blogger Scripts

1. google blogger post --tags "GoogleCL, Google Command Line, Google, Python, Programming, Programming Language" --title "GoogleCL Google command line python application can access Google web services " "A day before yesterday Google introduced GoogleCL ..."
#description: '--tags' adds the tag to blogpost, '--title' adds the title of blogpost and is followed by the post body.

2. google blogger post blogpost_saved_on_text_file.txt
#description: the above example shows how tho post from an external text file, after 'post' add the address of .txt file.

3. google blogger delete --title "Title of Post to Delete"
#description: this will delete the post by title.

4. google tag --title "Name of Existing Post" --tags "newtag1, newtag2"
#description: this will add tags/lables to the post.


Picasa Scripts

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1. google picasa create --title "Title of new Picasa Album" --tags newtag1 location_path_of_image.gif
#description: first creating an album '--title' adds the title of album, '--tags' adds tags/labels to the image and is followed by location of image to be uploaded.

2. google picasa get --title "Title of existing Picasa Album" /location_of_folder/folder
#description: this will upload all the images of folder to the album defined (great for uploading complete folders instead of selecting one by one or using picasa desktop)

3. google picasa list title,url-direct --query "A tag to search"
#description: this will list the images matching the query

4. google picasa delete --title "Name of existing album"
#description: this will delete the complete album

5. google picasa tag --title "Name of existing album" --tags "tag1, tag2"
#description: this will label/tag the images of entire album


more examples coming soon...

Learn More

You can know more about GoogleCL, system requirements, user manual and more hosted by Google on the official page []


Download Python []
Download GoogleCL []

In future GoogleCL will also support Google Search, Buzz, Gmail, Apps,  and more. And we will see many desktop applications which can access and compete tasks from your computer, contributing the cloud computing.

Want more examples? I will post more examples, soon. There are plenty of examples in the official page too.

I enjoyed using GoogleCL, What about you? Did you like GooglCL? Do you program in Python? What more do you want to see?

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GoogleCL seems interesting :) its amazing to see Google coming up with new things.

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@Shabnam GoogleCL is interesting as well as nerdy :€

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Thanks for sharing this new tool, but not for me...

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Hehe... it might be a bit weird to access web services through the command line... but it must be cool! :D

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@techtricks No problem, I hope my other posts are for you :-)

@Pubudu Yeah Pubudu it's for G33Ks (us) who like weired stuffs ;)

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Thanks for sharing this new tool, but not for me...

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