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By Shekhar Sahu on 30 October 2010 7:46 PM

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NCELL Connects Everest with 3G Network, No More Satellite Phones Free india free 3g 4g India airtel logo mount Everest image

Mount Everest also known as Sagarmatha (Goddess of the Sky) in Nepalese now gets connected to lightening fast 3rd Generation (3G) network. Until now climbers and trekkers had to use satellite phones as they were the only means of communication on the highest peak and the region. Now they can with 3G cellphone or laptop, make phone calls, video calls, surf the web, email and tweet from the Mt. Everest. This was made possible by Nepalese telecommunication company NCELL.

NCELL has established eight 3G base stations, out of which four 3G base stations are powered by Solar Energy. One base station located at an altitude of about 17000 feet is the highest in the world.

These efforts of the telecom provider NCELL will also benefit the local residents and tourists. NCELL has also aimed to connect 90% people of Nepal with it's wireless network.

Recently China's airbase station near Mount Everest was argued to be threat for mountains by the environmentalists. But hopefully these solar powered 3G base stations would cause no harm to the environment.

So now you won't miss White Hat Android if you are planning to spend these holidays on mount Everest :D

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