Sony Launches HD Internet TV Google TV, Controllable By Android Phone

By Shekhar Sahu on 14 October 2010 9:18 PM

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Sony Launches HD Internet TV Google TV With Intel Atom Processor blu ray player availability in india: coming soon
Finally long awaited Google TV, in collaboration with Google, Sony and Intel launched yesterday. With Sony's expertise in HDTV & BluRay technology, Google's powerful Android platform and powerful Intel Atom Processor Inside, the Google TV is build to deliver great TV viewing experience with easy to use and upgradable functionality. While watching your tv programs you can now surf the websites on the same device with Chrome webbrowser. You can also control Google TV with any android powered phones with an app coming soon this year. Sony's Google TV is argued to be the biggest Alternative of Apple TV, launched recently. That we have to see :P

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First HD Internet TV

Sony's Internet TV is the first Internet TV to provide full HD 1080p with dashing video viewing experience. Sony Internet TV is now available with screen sizes 46", 40", 32", 24" and a standalone Google TV with Bluray Disk player. The powerful Intel Atom Processor renders HD content smoothly. You can watch HD videos on YouTube and other websites. Google TV also features many online content providers with their apps like Napster, Pandora, Netflix, NBA and many are in queue.

Surfing While Watching

You have got freedom to surf websites, twitter, facebook and other social networks while watching your favorite programs with the Dual View. Share cricket scores with friends on Twitter :D You can keep the bookmarks of the favorite websites.

Easy to Navigate and Control

The Interface based on Android Platform is designed for easy navigation. The companion innovative hand held remote control features qwerty keypad with navigation keys and a mouse on top of it. So typing on TV is not pain anymore.

Adobe Flash

The built in Chrome browser is integrated with Adobe Flash 10.1. With Flash on TV users can not only access the rich flash based websites but also videos, images, applications, games and my favorite flash based animations. Is someone jealous?

Control With Android Phone

Sony's Internet TV allows to control the TV's interface with any Android powered devices. The related app will be soon available for download on Android Market.

Either call it brand or it's great functionality, Google Android Operating System is becoming favorite of all. The powerful Android Platform Powers Google TV, which can be upgraded any time. This enables you to add expanding library of android applications onto the TV.

Sony Launches HD Internet TV Google TV With Intel Atom Processor full hd led backlit edge


Sony Launches HD Internet TV Google TV With Intel Atom Processor blu ray player availability in india: coming soon

Display:1080p Full HD with LED Backlit Display
Screen Size:Sony Internet TV NSX-46GT1 46-inch
Sony Internet TV NSX-40GT1 40-inch
Sony Internet TV NSX-32GT1 32-inch
Sony Internet TV NSX-24GT1 24-inch
Platform:Upgradable Google Android
Content:Supports All Internet content providers including YouTube, Netflix, Pandora,
Control:Remote Control with qwerty keypad incorporating optical mouse on top of it
Webbrowser:Google Chrome with Video Search
Can be controlled by mobile phones soon
Loads of Apps:Available in Android Market
Connectivity:Built-in Wi-Fi
Processor:Intel Atom Processor
Inputs:4 HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) port
4 USB ports

Price & Availability

Google TV is now available on and Soon it will be available at local stores.
Different Models of Google TV are priced as
NSX-46GT1 46-inch $1399
NSX-40GT1 40-inch $999
NSX-32GT1 32-inch $799
NSX-24GT1 24-inch $599
Blu-ray Disc Player NSZ-GT1 $399 (without display)

Google TV is a bit overpriced. But time will say about the popularity of the product. Soon it will come out to be biggest Apple TV alternative. But since Google TV requires bandwidth of 2.5Mbps for normal and 10Mbps for HD content, it's far from access of Indian Users.

BTW but as announced months ago, Logitech was supposed to be a part of Google TV, but gets no mention after launch. I need to inspect that. Do you know something about that?

What do you think about Google TV?

Shekhar Sahu

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