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By Shekhar Sahu on 16 December 2010 12:03 AM

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World Wildlife Funds Launches Nonprintable Ecofriendly File Format .wwf to save trees
Thousands of trees are cut down to produce the paper every day. In the age of the internet, ebooks [pdf], emails, IM; papers are still extensively used. Even people prefer printing whole ebooks and also emails before reading. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) took a great initiative to help protect the environment, save trees. WWF announced a new nonprintable file format .wwf, in a press conference last month, and requested individuals & organizations to adopt .wwf files for work.

WWF files are the extension of PDF (Portable Document Format) files, just the difference is WWF files can't be printed. The print function will be completely blocked by it. The better part of WWF files is you don't need any different file reader to read it specifically. Any regular PDF reader like Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader will be able to read the file.

How to Create WWF Files?

After installing the WWF software you can go to print option on any text/image authoring software and select your printer to the "save as WWF". This will save the file in .wwf format.

Since these files are device independent you can share your documents with friends without worrying. Unfortunately, this software is currently available for Mac OS X. But World Wildlife Funds has ensured that soon they will launch software for Windows and Linux OS.

Download WWF Software

For Mac OS X

For Windows OS (coming soon)

For Linux OS (coming soon)

So be a part of this green initiative and stop printing out documents.

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