Scan Virus, Malware & Phishing Links in Facebook News Feeds

By Shekhar Sahu on 21 April 2011 11:10 PM

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Scan Virus Malware Phishing Links in Facebook News Feeds with @Norton Safe Web from Symantec Antivirus
Facebook has now become prone to various security threats. Facebook is paradise for Cybercriminals, Hackers, Spammers, Phishers because it's easy to trap any ordinary facebook user. Facebook news feeds may contain links to malicious sites, fake or spammy apps, malware, which may harm the user's pc or compromise personal information. It takes a while when any link is found and reported abuse, to get removed from Facebook pages. We have a nice Facebook app from security giant Symantec, Norton Safe Web. Let's explore it today.

About Norton Safe Web Facebook App

Norton Safe Web App for Facebook scans for your news feeds of past 24 hours. It uses resources of Symantec's popular Norton safe web website rating system. You can also enable it to auto scan your news feeds. The app will then post-scan reports on your wall in regular interval. This app also scans the hidden links behind shortened URLs aka link alias (,, etc)

Scan Virus Malware Phishing Links in Facebook News Feeds with @Norton Safe Web from Symantec Antivirus

Norton Safe Web App Scans For

Drive-By Downloads
Malicious Downloads
Suspicious Applications
Suspicious Browser Changes
Security Risks
Heuristic Virus
Phishing Attacks
Remote Access Software
Information Stealers
Embedded Link to Malicious Site

Use Norton Safe Web App for Facebook

Go to
and allow permission to the app to collect your Facebook newsfeeds.

Recent Facebook Threats

Five New Virus Have Been Reported on Facebook by the anonymous news network

1. if you get notice of a photo tag
2. if you get a notification that a friend reported u 4 offensive behavior
3. "Get 5000 FBK credits" / "Get free credits"
4. Message from friend chat saying "click this link"
5. Crash at Alton Towers
 Don't click on these links

I hope you like this app, I recommend you to enable the auto scan. Share this with your friends.

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