11.11.11 Unity Day & Year of Revolution

By Shekhar Sahu on 11 November 2011 1:11 AM

11.11.11 One Day Year of Revolution, Hacker Attack Expected?

It isn't so long, just a year and a month ago 10.10.10 passed. Rumors were spreading all around. Something big was going to happen that day. Experts predicted hackers will attack computers all over the world. But (un)fortunately nothing happened :). What is going to happen this year?

Let's first see What has the year seen.

This year has been the year of revolution, people uniting and protests. 2011 is the international forest year, starting from Germany for the expansion of train station D'Ban took the life of many age-old trees of the park. The tree huggers were ill-treated during protests. The whistleblower wiki-leaks had a hard time this year when PayPal, master card, and other banks refused to take donations on WikiLeaks' accounts. But even with the arrest of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks played an important role in the revolution took place in south-west Asian countries Syria, Egypt, Libya, and others. The role of social networks shouldn't and can't be underestimated.

In India Anna Hazare's protest, India Against Corruption IAC and demand for Jan Lokpal bill united the whole nation who could never dream of a corruption free country before. We are yet to see that, but first let the UPA govt pass the bill :| Inspired by the these, the protest Occupy Wallstreet and Occupy Oakland began against the Banks responsible for the economic crisis.

2011 was also the year of the devastating tsunami, earthquakes and the nuke accident. We lost Apple co founder Steve Jobs the same year. Peperazzi, London Violence etc...

I guess I should write all these at the end of this year instead ;) Pretty informal post huh.

It is predicted that so called hacker activist group Anonymous might do something on this day, perhaps any big attack, breaking into FBI, CIA!! Because anonymous, and rebel groups had indicated to unite this day 11.11.2011 and invited photographers, journalists, bloggers, hackers, writers, videographers to celebrate it as unity day and do something obviously. It's also a Veteran's day today.

In a country like India, you can see tv channels along with Astrologers, Numerologists talking about the 11-11-11 whole day and claiming blah blah like it's very fortunate for a kid taking birth the same day etc. :) People are also waiting for baby Bachchan today. Chinese bride and grooms are busy in marriage on this day :)
And for some, it's just another day.

Reference List: Date 11/11/11, Date 111111, Date 11/11/2011, Friday, November 11, 2011, Date 11-11-11, Date 11 11 11. Time 11:11

Here we have a video for the mathematically awesome day :)

Last but not least after a year and a month 12.12.12 12:12 is to come. Countdown begins!!

Let's hope for best. What are you going to do? Share your experience with us.

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