Ransomware jokes, WannaLaugh?

By Shekhar Sahu on 17 May 2017 7:25 PM

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While part of the world is crying over ransomware WannaCrypt, Social networks in India are buzzing with the jokes and memes about this ransomware.

Lets check out the ransomware jokes flooding now

1. This one is relevant to the Indian IT industry

"I got attacked by ransomware
and was asked for money...
I sent them my salary slip..
Immediately, they themselves
removed it from my system."

There were some news about WannaCry hitting some small banks in the southern part of India, most of the other banks are using the older versions of windows operating systems in their infrastructure. ATMs in India still use the stone age Windows XP operating systems. But they were least vulnerable for the ransomware attack. Read to know how you can secure your computer from Wannacry.

2. This jokes mock the government offices, how you get a run around by babus in the counters

"SBI Destroys ransomware virus

Ransomware virus tried to enter into
computer system of SBI.
It could not succeed as someone told it
- Lunch ke bad aana.
It came back after lunch time but got stuck again as someone said
- Yaha nahi 14 no counter per jaye.
Tried third time and listened
- Peeche account number aur mobile number daalo
Finally 4th time ... - Aaj time khatam, ab kal aana"

3. One from Buddha's teachings
"The root of all problems is ATTACHMENT"

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