How do I save my computer from ransomware Wannacrypt attack?

By Shekhar Sahu on 01 December 2017 1:02 PM

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Gone are the days when some Dons would kidnap your loved ones and demand you to pay a huge ransom.

This ransomware WannaCry also is known as WannaCrypt was launched recently in a massive scale affecting thousands of computer over 100+ countries. The infection has hit many computers of hospitals in the UK, the government such as Russian ministry, telecom companies, schools, universities and large companies like FedEx etc.

WannaCry encrypts your system and demands a ransom of USD 300 equivalent Bitcoins and makes the system inaccessible. In case of failure of the bitcoin payment the files will never get unlocked and later deleted.

Where did WannaCrypt come from?

Sources say American National Security Agency developed tool ETERNALBLUE was stolen by The Shadow Brokers a hacker group and later deployed for the attack. After the theft ETERNALBLUE was kept on auction online and also made available for free to download afterward.

How do I save myself from this ransom attack?

1. Microsoft has released a security patch against the vulnerabilities from this ransomware. But most of the computers are not up to date. First thing first make sure your operating system is updated.

2. Install an antivirus suite which supports an anti ransomware. One such AV software is Avira Security Suite. The basic version of the suite is available for free.

Download Now Free Avira Suite with ransomware protection if you don't WannaCry.

Updated on May 25th
Kaspersky also launched an antiransomware tool for businesses. Which is standalone and free, that means you don't necessarily have to have their antivirus installed on the machine. You can download the anti ransomware by registering your business here.

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