6 tips to help you become a specialist of self-control

By Guest on 11 April 2018 6:12 PM

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Are you having difficulties doing one thing for a long time and concentrating? Here are some tips that will help you understand how to abandon the momentary pleasures and develop the iron willpower.

Developing self-control

These tips prepared by cheap-essay.com will help you understand how to abandon the momentary pleasures and develop the iron willpower.

Remove from sight all that can tempt you

If you’re quitting smoking, don’t keep cigarettes at home. If you suffer from compulsive buying disorder, immediately after your salary, withdraw money from the card and put it on the deposit, where it is harder to get it, and never carry large sums of money with you.

If the temptation cannot be avoided, focus on the most abstract characteristics of it

When Walter Mischel, a psychologist, asked kids, whom he tortured with “marshmallow” tests, to think about the most seductive qualities of the desert, they could not stand a few minutes.

Children who were recommended to think of marshmallows as white soft clouds were resistant to marshmallows longer as kids.

All advertising is targeted at automatic reactions – remember how the hot caramel, in which glossy nuts fall, is flowing seductively in commercials, and how thickly thick chocolate covers unimaginably all this beauty.

Make the limbic system work for you

The limbic system is a powerful ancient tool that allowed our ancestors to survive, forcing them to want something very much, for example, to kiss someone, or, on the contrary, very strongly not want something – say, to be eaten by a tiger. They persistently achieved their goals because desire is the best motivator.

The basic settings of a person are such that when you see a chocolate, it is a desire, not an aversion or disgust. But, using the prefrontal cortex, you can knock down these settings, artificially creating more powerful ones. To do this, it is necessary to imagine the consequences of an action that should be avoided, using the emotional system as much as possible. If you really want to smoke, imagine yourself, still young, but dying of lung cancer in a cold shabby chamber.

At first, you will forget to do this or call up the created image too late, already after having eaten a chocolate or skipped the fitness class. But if you continue training, pretty soon the brain will pave in your head the necessary neural pathways and firmly connect this or that temptation with a disgusting picture.

Think of a clear strategy for dealing with a temptation

Imagining the abominable consequences of the undesirable act that you intend to commit is a very effective way to deal with immediate desires. This is heavy artillery, which it makes sense to use to combat the most formidable temptations.

Ensure external coercion

There are rare lucky ones who do not need to force themselves: they have enough inner motivation to do exceptionally correct things and give up wrong ones. But for most, such tasks are hard for various reasons.

Some people have difficulties with front waist cortex (PPC), and they do not track the conflict between immediate desire and global goals. Others have overdeveloped tonsils, they react to any temptation and therefore cannot begin to study at home, although they bought the best textbook and even cleared the desk.

If you enrol in courses, then you will definitely study at least during the lesson. The probability that you will reach the place where it is held increases many times when the courses are paid.

Most people drop out of the gym after a couple of classes because it is difficult and few people are able to voluntarily doom themselves for the sake of a vague prospect that someday they will have a beautiful body. It’s much easier to follow the orders of the coach, while the financial motivation and awkwardness before a stranger who is waiting for you at the appointed hour, additionally stimulate you not to miss classes.

Provide yourself with a deadline

If you are one of those who thinks they work better the night before the deadline, know that you are mistaken. Yes, deadline, especially if sanctions are followed for its failure, is the most powerful external coercion that makes almost everyone work.

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