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By Shekhar Sahu on 29 January 2010 7:34 PM

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Follow Update Without RSS Feed | Google Reader

Feed No Feed By Google Reader | feed logo image
How to get updates if there is no RSS feed on a webpage?

Search giant Google recently launched a new feature for webmasters on Google Reader. Who don't have RSS feeds on their web pages will be benefited by this. With this feature the readers will be able to keep in touch with any update on the web page.

Send Free SMS Upto 400 Characters In India | Send Free Bulk SMS Via

Send Free SMS Upto 440 Characters In India :)   400 character Free SMS Free SMS Logo
I had promised my readers that I would post a blog about free bulk SMS. can be used to send bulk sms upto 440/400 characters. This site delivers the free SMS in courtesy of, Which provides cheap sms solutions and softwares to send free bulk sms in India.
We have the free version of
Even the registering process is very simple and takes just 10 seconds.

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Tweet Your Feeds Automatically | Socialize Feedburner With Twitter | Auto Tweet Saves Time

Tweet Feeds automatically | Connect feedburner to your twitter account

Tweet Your Feeds | Feedburner & Twitter Image

 No doubt that Twitter is more than a microblogging platform for bloggers and webmasters. Hence bloggers grow their twitter followers in order to reach more and more people. How if your feeds are automatically posted to your twitter followers?
Feedburner recently launched a feature to connect your feeds to your twitter account. Well Feedburner grew up after being acquired by Google. In this way you can socialize your feeds.

 Follow these steps to socialize your feeds :

Copy Cats Are Valuable For Your Blog And Website! Tynt Insight

Tynt Insight

It has been a major problem for bloggers and webmasters for a long. You know very well how much hardwork a blogger does to write a post.
Even I pay my 5 to 6 hours for writing a post, designing the images and finally the best of search engine optimization.
Bloggers analyze that their sites are not being indexed by search engines properly! Why?
Because search engines find the duplicate posts, because this has been copied by copy cats. Oh yes search giants are capable to manage this but not all search engines and not always. The post you generated is used by others if without credit isn't it a big issue to bother you? (How does Chetan Bhagat thinks about the "3 idiots")

Some of you may be thinking about Copyescape, No I will not talk about this now.
Copyescape just tracks and notifies if your content has been copied.

But here I am going to talk about how to generate more traffic from copycats and get some link juice too to increase your page rank :))

SEO of Images | 6 Optimizations To Make Images SEO Friendly

SEO of Image Get Indexed in Image Search

Now a days every blogger learns SEO and optimizes his/her Websites/Blog, even sometimes better than any SEO expert :) due to the availability of many free SEO tools and softwares.

Bloggers happily use images in their blog because, an image says thousands of words. But They forget to optimize the image for SEO. Even is missing them! Wordpress takes care of it but all bloggers don't. If you follow these steps of SEO for all Images then definitely you will improve your search engine ranking and traffic to your blog.
Well you need to learn some simple html coding for the SEO of Images. The following coding must be added to your all images.

India Rocks Free SMS Service | Unlimited SMS from PC to Mobile Via

Free SMS Unlimited From PC to Mobile via!

IndyaRocks logo Image
Some of you may be thinking "I don't need this free SMS service, I already have 1paisa per SMS plan" Well You send text messages at the peak times, and due to network congestion messages are not delivered or takes a week or sometimes always pending. One of my friends sent me text message on Diwali and it's still pending!
Do you realize about the money you are charged for the service which hasn't served your message yet?
If you use any of the free SMS service, you can save your pocket money (sometimes very large) and there will be no tension of pending. Some sites hold messages in their servers if the cellphone is out of reach.
I have previously posted about two most popular web services & Now we are going to know about one more solution! Some gadgets and widgets in Orkut also can be used to send free sms in India.
Know how to send unlimited free SMS!