Oregon Opens Google Education Apps for Classroom | Elementary to High School

Google Oregon to Open Education Apps for Students of Elementary to High School

oregon opens google apps for classroom image
    Now a days it involves huge investments and brain to bring technology in an school. From the school I passed last year doesn't even have a computer. Oregon has become the first state to open Google Apps for Education to public schools throughout the state.
    Today, The Oregon Department of Education will offer Google Apps to all the school districts in the state — helping teachers, staff and students use Gmail, Docs, Sites, Video, Groups and more apps within their school. This move is going to save the Department of Education $1.5 million per year.

IBM Scientists Create World's Smallest 3D MAP, Invention of Low Cost Nanopatterning Device

IBM Scientist Created World's Smallest 3D Map 

World's Smallest nanosized 3D Map of Earth by IBM scientist image
IBM Scientists have got success in creating world's smallest 3D map in nanoscale. The 3D map is so small that 1000 maps can fit on grain of salt! A team of scientists at IBM Zurich achieved this through new technique by use of silicon tip with a sharp apex ( about 100,000 times smaller than a tip of pencil) to create patterns and structures in nanoscale. This nanopatterning technique in future will be used for creating nanosized object for chips, electronics, optoelectronics, medical etc reducing cost.

LinkedIn Launches URL Shortener lnkd.in, New Features Make Sharing Easier

LinkedIn Launches URL Shortener lnkd.in and many more improved features

LinkedIn launches URL shortener lnkd.in and cool sharing options
The dominating Professional Networking Site LinkedIn, came up with some major changes in its features. Some sharing options were included in order to make it easier and just a click away.
LinkedIn too jumps in URL shortening service as we have seen with all major sites such as Google, Twitter etc. Lnkd.in short for LinkedIn is launched as the URL shortener for it. Lnkd.in will be used in sharing news over it's webpages and on twitter, a twitter integration. Reminding you that Twitter too launched it's native URL shortener twee.tt recently.

After the improvements, You get full control of how your content is accessed by people. You can set specific contents private if you don's want to share it with particular type of people - Friends, colleagues, a group or everyone.

twee.tt & t.co | Twitter's URL Shortener No Fancy Options for Users Now

twee.tt & t.co | Twitter's URL Shortener No Option for Users Now

Twitter's URL Shortner Twee.tt Launched | Twitter Bird & Illustration by Shekhar
 twitter bird : Shekhar Sahu

We are aware about how URL shortners are the de fecto of web 2.0 with dynamic URLs. In some of earlier post we talked about how the number of URL shorteners is increasing exponentially, every website is coming up with it's native URL shorteners. Google came up with goo.gl Last year, which is currently opened for Google Apps only (such as feedburner tweets feeds on twitter). Facebook has fb.me.  Soon WhiteHat Android is going to have one.

People were already excited about Chirp, the annual conference of Twitter. Developers and Hackers gathered in the conference. The CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams announced that twitter will use it's native url Shortener Twee.tt in Chirp.  And other clients will to have to use the same. So users will have no option but to use twee.tt. Reminding you that twitter has been using bit.ly as it's default url shortner, many users are still unaware of it. Try posting long link it'll be shortened to bit.ly link.

update: twitter announced it's new URL shortener t.co

MURL | The Master Of URL Shortners

MURL the king of ULR Shorteners

MURL a url shortener application

     I don't think URL shorteners require any introduction here. From Microblogging to macroblogging, It's used every where. bit.ly and tinyurl.com are the most popular url shorteners. They even provide you a profile to manage and analyze the clicks,  locations of the shortened urls. Know more about URL Shorteners (bit.ly vs tinyurl.com).

     Today I am to introduce you a tiny little application MURL.  With  MURL you can shorten any url ( link / address ) without even going to individual websites. Just enter your long url and press the button, that's it. MURL will ping the sites and will show you the message, serving all shortened urls together. MURL is developed by Gregory Beauregard.