Prevent CPU from Overheating this Summer in India - Reapply Thermal Paste Now

CPU Overheating-Apply Thermal Grease on Heat Sink & CPU to Prevent CPU Overheating Applications
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CPU Overheating Apply best Thermal paste on Heat Sink & how to Prevent CPU Overheating windows 8 BIOS launch  arctic silver vs thermal compound paste sink cooler 

Does your system shut down or restart automatically because of CPU overheating? Do you live in hot climate like India? Or you find reduction in the performance of your system. If you just formatted your system but the machine couldn't gain speed significantly. Then that's too because of CPU overheating. CPU overheating can be caused by poor chip design, poor heat sink, poor fan, adverse ambient/room temperatures, CPU usage etc. In all it's about heat dissipation. Too much heat can cause your systems to crash and it decreases the life of your expensive tiny chip. The optimum CPU temperature is between 20 degrees to 60 degrees, any rise in temperature above 65 or 70 degrees would be dangerous. In this tutorial we would be discussing about some ways to keep your CPU cooler, and especially how to properly apply a suitable Thermal Grease/Compound/Gel/Paste on CPU and Heat Sink.