Internet Message vs Post Office Protocol | Which email protocol to use?

By Shekhar Sahu on 31 October 2009 6:07 PM

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When you set up your email client you are asked to select your email-server type. The common email clients support the following email servers.

What is Post Office Protocol (POP3)?

POP3 server holds the emails until you download them from your server. When you download the emails it is permanently deleted from the server. Use POP3 if you access emails form a particular system.

Tips to make your Android phone faster

By Shekhar Sahu on 4:44 PM

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android cupcake os g1 speed imcrease, android 2.2 launched image

There is no doubt on how Google Android has become everyone's favorite operating system (OS). I installed Android on my desktop computer just to have fun. People now prefer the smartphones running Android only.

Since Android is open source, some developers are still armature and don't program with memory management properly and often including bloatware in the very first version of their application. This makes the phone to slow down.

Bharat domain name launched for India in Hindi | .भारत हिन्दी डोमेन

By Shekhar Sahu on 29 October 2009 12:16 AM

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.भारत हिन्दी डोमेन नमस

A new country level top level domain name has been launched in India. They call it .Bharat or .भारत (in Hindi). Interestingly .Bharat is available in many different Indian languages now viz Hindi, Gujarati etc. They have started accepting applications from the registrars to provide .Bharat domain names to the public. Like in English, it's in Roman scripts and in Indian languages it's Devanagari and Dravid scripts.

Recently Google launched Google Transliteration IME which helps to write Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Urdu and all Indic languages with the help of roman keyboard without learning Hindi typing.

Let's see who get's to register the first .Bharat domain name. Let me know if you know any registrar which has started registering these Indian domain names.

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Show your business on Google Maps | Google Business Listing

By Shekhar Sahu on 27 October 2009 12:45 AM

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There is a very easy, simple, free and underrated way to market your business. Drive customers from the web to your front door. Make sure that your business is listed on the Google Maps. Adding your business information to Google Maps for local search takes 10 minutes. People in your locality will find you on the top of the relevant search index. Recently Google renamed Local Business Listing to Google Places but the thing remains the same. is not just an ordinary URL shortener

By Shekhar Sahu on 14 October 2009 2:42 PM


Link shorteners like TinyURL are very popular among the internet users. It shortens links to share them over SMS, comments, email, IM, microblogging platforms, short URL redirection, domain redirection, URL forwarding and other contexts. is a new URL shortening service, It's a more intelligent URL shortening and forwarding service.

How to embed Flash on blog posts

By Shekhar Sahu on 12 October 2009 4:47 PM

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If you are here because you want to know
  • How to Use Flash into Blogger or any other platforms?
  • Why doesn’t Blogger allow flash content in Blogger?
This would help you to overcome this problem for sure. You can also try itWordPressress. Because html coding of embedd remains the same.

1.  First, of all, you have to create a flash content using Macromedia Flash, Adobe Flash or any other software (which publishes flash banner etc.), or the swf file you want to insert into your page.

2 Now you need is a server or any online storage space where the flash file can be stored. The best place to store them is Hotmail’s free Skydrive (25 GB). Save the file in the online storage and copy the address of the file.

3 Copy the following code

<object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" height="375" id="Flash Movie" width="450">
<param name="movie" value="your flash content address.swf">
<param name="quality" value="high">
<param name="bgcolor" value="#ffffff">
<embed src="your flash content address.swf" wmode="opaque" quality="high" bgcolor="#CCCCCC" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" height="375" width="450">

4. Open the above code and find the line

also change

The above line shows the address of your swf (flash file). You’ve uploaded your flash file into your Hotmail’s sky drive or in your server. Copy the address of flash/swf file; replace the text your flash content address.swf under quotes with the address of your flash file with quotes.

5. You will have to change the width and height in the code according to You can now remove the links of my website if you wish and add your link.

6. Now copy the code and paste it to any of your HTML editor of Blogger, Wordpress or Myspace Code tab  in the post editor.

7. Publish your blog.

 This is also helpful if you want to make the menu or flash banner of your website.

Shekhar Sahu

WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine

By Shekhar Sahu on 11 October 2009 9:11 PM

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, ,

WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine. Which can answer any proper question you submit. If you make any search query in any other search engine. The search engine will crawl billions of web pages and index it which can't always give the answer we are searching.
WolframAlpha computes with it's AI and serves the unexpected answers, you could never imagine before. Wolfram is dealing with the whole spectrum of knowledge.

How to increase internet speed on Windows machine?

By Shekhar Sahu on 9:01 PM

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You would be surprised to know that. Windows reserves the 20% of your internet bandwidth for its use. If you’re using Microsoft Windows OS genuinely or otherwise, you are a part of Microsoft development through error crashing reports and all.

Do you think you deserve to use 100% of internet bandwidth you have paid for?

How to virus proof pendrives without any antivirus

By Shekhar Sahu on 8:54 PM

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remove pendrive virus without any antivirus

Well, we are going to learn how to fool a virus and remove it without an antivirus.

If you connect your pen drive, USB drive or flash disk to any virus infected system then your pen drive gets infected. It is the file autorun.inf that makes the virus execute every time you connect your pen drive.When you try to delete the file manually or with an antivirus program the virus regenerate the autorun.inf (.inf = information) file.

Choose Custom Icon For your Pen Drive & Storage Devices | Style It

By Shekhar Sahu on 8:42 PM

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remove pendrive virus without any antivirusNow showcase your CD, DVD and pen drives that you are the owner by setting an icon for it. (like I do)
First of all, you have to choose an icon by downloading it from free online open sources like,,,, and you can search more icons from Google, Yahoo, Bing or facility or any or your favorite search engine.
The icon files would be in the extension of .ico or .dll (dynamic link library).

Meta Tag | Add Meta Tags For Search Engines [SEO]

By Shekhar Sahu on 01 October 2009 10:35 PM

Update 2018: Google no longer looks into meta keyword tags.

Now we will be looking at some important meta tags for good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

(i) Meta Description Tag can be used by search engines to describe your document. Now Google supports meta tags. Adding a meta description tag is worthwhile for good SEO.
Open your HTML editor type any one of the following code under the <html> tag.

<meta http-equiv="description" content="type your description here"/>

<meta name="description" content="type your description here"/>

(ii) Meta Keyword Tag is used by search engines to index your page if the relevant keywords are found in the meta keyword tag.  However, you must put the relevance keywords here otherwise search engines will penetrate your site.

<meta name="keywords" content="type your keywords here separated by comma" />

Save the above HTML codes in your webpage. And check your site by the tool Meta Analyzer.

You can also generate meta tags with this online meta tag builder, visit and fill a simple form and get your meta tags.

Shekhar Sahu