IP Addressbook Gets Full This Year, IPv6 Will Rescue

IPv4 Exhausts IPv6 Rescues, Existing IP Addresses Going to End This YearIPv4 Exhausts IPv6 comes to Rescue The Internet, Existing IP Addresses Going to End This Year image 128bit IP address is only way .bharat

IPv4 Exhausts IPv6 comes to Rescue The Internet, Existing IP Addresses Going to End This Year image 128bit IP address is only way

The Inventors of Internet had not thought that one day every personal computer would have access to web. They developed Internet Protocol (IPv4) about 30 years ago, which is assigned as identification to every web connected device. Now servers, desktops, mobile phones, smartphones, superphones, tablets etc. have increased so much that current IPv4 addresses have come to exhaust. Really, there remains no IP address in the IP addressbook to add more devices after a year. Indian government has created some roadmap to tackle the problem in India.

Cheapest tablet ever unveiled by Indian Government | A prototype

By Shekhar Sahu on 24 July 2010 1:37 AM

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indian apple ipad rival ipad vs low cost computing cum access device internet tutorials, engineering, IIT, VIT, experts, low price image

Yesterday, Kapil Sibal, the Union Minister of Human Resource (HR) Development, unveiled a prototype of an extremely low-cost computing-cum-access device, the cheapest tablet in the world. Currently, the price of the tablet is $35 (approx Rs1750) and is expected to fall down up to $10, even cheaper than my textbooks :) Indians require this low-cost computing device (laptop/notebook) because over half of Indians live on less than a dollar a day.

World's Cheapest Android Powered Indian Tablet AAKASH Launched by Govt of India

How to build and launch rockets in space using laptops? High school student show the world

By Shekhar Sahu on 23 July 2010 2:55 AM

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Sony Rocket Project with Intel i7 used vaio notebooks to launch rocket by kids image
You would wonder to know that the first rocket to land on the moon had less computing power than the present day computers. So, Sony thought why not to build and launch a rocket with their laptops of Vaio series. In fact, Sony started a project "Sony Rocket Project" with kids. They selected 8 high school science students, helped them learn, design and build their own high power rocket. The rocket will be launched today at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. These guys are reminding me of my favourite movie "October Sky", where a bunch of highschoolers perfected the rocketry for a science project, ended up getting scholarship and later working for NASA.

Use your phone as metal detector - App for HTC HD2 phone

By Shekhar Sahu on 21 July 2010 8:17 AM

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HTC apps metal detector app for HTC HD2 Magic android phone sensor earth magnetic field

Unlike the metal detectors at Terminals, Airports, Subways, Railway Stations, or other promises you must have crossed through Giant metal detectors. What if you build your own Phone Metal Detector? Yes, you can transform your HTC HD2  the Android powered phone into a metal detector. The Metal Detector app for HTC HD2 is based on a simple theory but can detect tiny nails and pins.

How to download torrent without BitTorrent client?

By Shekhar Sahu on 20 July 2010 2:34 AM

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Torrent2exe download torrents files without bit torrent client and convert into standalone exe file image free software download movies ocean music games share BitLet
If you have been an internet user, love to download contents like movies, music, games, then I don't think torrent requires any introduction here. You require having a BitTorrent client like ĀµTorrent, Free Download Manager (FDM) etc to use torrent files. This makes sharing more difficult when the other person doesn't have a torrent client to download the content. Well, We have a solution for all the problems, torrent2exe free online services, which can be used to download torrent files without a torrent client.

How to login to multiple google accounts simultaneously?

By Shekhar Sahu on 18 July 2010 5:34 PM


Some years ago It was predicted that Every Internet User would have a Gmail/Google Account. And Nowadays every Google (Google becomes an alias to the Internet) users have about two or more email accounts with him/her. One for business, one for personal and another to receive spams, excuse me! I mean for signing up websites and receiving notification etc. Bloggers have more Gmail/Google accounts for another reason, you may easily guess. It becomes difficult to manage more than one account when we are not allowed to access them together. Good News guys, Google has finished testing new feature "multiple account login" within the same browser and some lucky guys are able to enjoy this feature. Continue reading to know how to access and more.

update: This service is now public and available for all users.

App Inventor- Developing Android Apps Could Never Be So Easier, Resembling Scratch

App Inventor, Creating & Developing Android Apps Could Never Be So Easier BeforeGoogle Android 3.0 os coming soon create apps for android phones with App Inventor, and become a devloper
Create Stunning Android Apps with Google Android App Inventor

It isn't too long when Google revealed it's Open Platform the Android OS. Since then almost all big cellphone and mobile devices manufacturers have promised to jump into android market. We have already big brands like HTC, Samsung, DELL etc in the race. If we talk about Apple the biggest competitor of Google Android, most of the app craters and developers are High School, or Graduate School students with little or no much knowledge of programming. Understanding the potential of non professional programmers Google labs' Android App Inventor, which has been there for sometime, and has been opened for general public today. The App Inventor makes it easier for programmer, students and non programmers to easily build custom apps for Android Powered devices mainly mobile phones. You might feel it to be "Scratch".

Ultimate Collection of Codec Pack - K Lite

By Shekhar Sahu on 13 July 2010 1:29 AM

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K-Lite Mega/Full/standard/Basic/corporate/64bit The ultimate collection of Popular and rare codec/filter and a lot more

If you are a media junky, stuff with videos and audios all day long. You might use different media players for different media formats, right? You perhaps use Winamp, Jet Audio for listening to music,  VLC Media player, GOM player, Real Player, Quick time for watching videos, and other for DVD/Blue Ray videos. And even you find some file formats which aren't playable by these at all. If you are tired of this and want an only player which can play all the formats, one solution comes out to be VLC-Media Player, but I have seen it too failing due to the lack of media codecs (coder-decoder) and doesn't support many media files. The best solution comes out to be K Lite Mega Codec Packs which is certainly the most popular and most useful collection of media codecs.

How to create anonymous web links

By Shekhar Sahu on 10 July 2010 12:58 AM

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hide mask urls domains anchors and link anonymously hide http referrals

If you have a website, blog or any webpage, there would be a certain situation when you need to link anonymously or hide hypertext link known as HTTP link. This is required when you want to link to any low-quality site, affiliate, or even i||ega| sites without telling search engines. Yes, you guessed right nofollow or external attribution will not work here.  And also you don't want the content owner to whom you are linking. He will feel that visitors are direct or returning type :)

Sony's Cyber Shot TX9 and WX5 World's Smallest 3D Cameras With Full HD

Sony's Cyber Shot World's Smallest 3D camerasSony's Cyber Shot World's Smallest 3D cameras models TX9 and WX5 with features like 3D panorama, Superior Quality Mode, Background Defocus

Sony's Cyber Shot World's Smallest 3D cameras models TX9 and WX5 with features like 3D panorama, Superior Quality Mode, Background Defocus

Now a days many new 3D technologies are coming, increasing the access to people. Sony has already been recording and broadcasting FIFA world cup matches live in 3D. One step further Sony unveiled new cyber-shot digital cameras (DSC-TX9 and DSC-WX5) which are world's smallest 3D cameras. If this is less, TX9 and WX5 capture 3D images with a single lens system instead of those traditional stereo lens system. 3D is a very vast area and includes many new innovating researches. This is why I am highly interested in it and usually feature related products.

Bharti Airtel Offering Free Access to Facebook, Cheers 130 Million Subscribers

Bharti Airtel Provides Facebook Access For Free, Cheers 130M Subscribersfree facebook for Bharti Airtel Users without any data charges
free facebook for Bharti Airtel Users without any data charges

above image only for illustrative purpose
With over 130 million SIM subscribers and 180 plus total customers, the most innovating telecom company of India Bharti Airtel, started to offer free access to Facebook to it's subscribers. In case you don't have an account or you don't know about facebook, from which world are you? Facebook is the leading and most accessed social networking site which even brought lost friends and family members together. With the partnership between Bharti Airtel & Facebook, mobile users can access free facebook for two months, however the last date is 31st august.

Winners of Free Advertising on WhiteHatAndroid Contest Announced

Winners of Free Advertising Contest#1

Though it was the first contest on whitehandroid. With support of Chad, CEO of AdvertiseSpace and you friends, everything completed well. Due to my semester & practical exams also some health problem, I had got to extende the contest for 5 days. We gave away total 45 tickets for the contest. Unfortunately one participant doesn't exist in twitter now, so was marked invalid entry.

The winners of contest are:

CCleaner Make Your System Run Smoother & Faster

CCleaner Make Your System Run Smoothlyccleaner 3.0 cleanup all junk and unwanted files and fix registry error of windows 8 and more

ccleaner 3.0 cleanup all junk and unwanted files and fix registry error of windows 8 and tem internet, privacy of browsers opera 11, firefox 5 and more image

Do you feel your system is not running smoothly as when you bought PC or formatted your OS? This is because after installation of many softwares, internet usage etc. leaves a lot of cache, unused files  and registry files also with errors. The cache eat much of your valuable HDD space where as the useless registry files make your OS run slow. This is also because the existing windows uninstaller is not so efficient. So we have an excellent All-in-one (AIO) system optimizer and cleaning tool "CCleaner" from Piriform, often pronounced as CC Cleaner at first glance.