Top Image Hosting & Sharing Solutions | Newbies Guide

By Shekhar Sahu on 29 December 2009 6:56 AM

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Free Image Hosting Forever!  Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket which one?

Digital Camera's are getting cheaper, despite inflation. The camera, because of smartphones has reached to almost everyone's pocket and enthusiasts are going to buy DSLRs. People love Photography. When the time to share photographs comes, why not to get worldwide exposure in photo blogs and photo sharing sites?

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Increase computer virtual memory 8x

By Shekhar Sahu on 23 December 2009 11:10 PM

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What is the virtual memory?

When your system has a lack of RAM (Random Access Memory) to run a program or operating system, then windows collaborates the hard disk memory with RAM. Windows move data from RAM to the space of virtual memory called paging file. This frees up RAM and makes it available for other tasks.  

Google Transliteration Input Method Editor | Writing In हिंदी, Urdu made easy

By Shekhar Sahu on 22 December 2009 5:48 PM

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Google Transliteration Image Hindi urdu marathi

Hindi Letters Image
Typing is one of the most important skills of computer users.  It was a time when people used Typewriters even now. I have experienced typing with those typewriters, it's very painful and expectation of mistake since letters are not erasable :) I learned to type with Typewriters when I was at a 9th standard 4 years ago. Hardworking is required to excel at this skill! Well, what if you have to learn another language like Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Punjabi, Gujarati or any other Indic language? I'd not like to go and learn them all, who has time? I have had a software "Hindi  Writer" which helped me writing in Hindi with my roman (en-us) keyboard. Hindi Writer works well with ease.

          Recently Google launched a software Google Transliteration IME (Input Method Editor). Which allows users to write in a supported language like Hindi, Arabic, Marathi, Telugu etc with their existing roman keyboard. It doesn't translate the words but transliterates. Transliteration means a transcription from one alphabet to another or rewrites in a different script.
How does Google Transliteration IME work?
When you type a word say "Google" it converts (transliterates) the script according to the pronunciation instead of what it means in Hindi or another language as "गूगल"
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Send free SMS in India and Worldwide | Way2SMS and 160by2

By Shekhar Sahu on 12 December 2009 11:49 PM

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Sending free SMS Via! Is that really possible to send free SMS? Sending SMS has become a part of our life. Whether it is a festival, birthday, or any other occasion greeting friends by SMS has become a de facto nowadays. Calling is the secondary, We probably spent more money in sending text messages than the phone calls. Having an Internet connection adds to it. 

There are many online websites and offline software which provide free or cheap paid SMS services like Skype, 160 by 2, you mint, Indiarocks, smslife , text4free, textmefree, way2sms and thousands of more.

One may be puzzled using and trying these services, some give up searching for a suitable and reliable service including me. I have tried around 20 websites and finally arrived on two. Today I am going to talk about and, their features and comparison between them.
You probably have received at least a message with a footer note Sent Via

Surf the internet using IP address | A geeky way

By Shekhar Sahu on 06 December 2009 2:01 PM

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Recently Google launched its free public DNS. Domain Name System (DNS) is a technology which translates the web address or a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) into the numerical address that is the IP address (and vice versa) to find it over the internet.

When you type any URL into the address bar of web browser. Then the browser sends a request to the DNS server which translates the URL into IP address to find the server of that website you are looking.