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By Shekhar Sahu on 09 March 2010 7:16 PM

Shape Collage Maker Serial Liscense Heart Shaped Image

Gone are the days, when you pasted paper cuttings on the paper to further scan and print on books, reports, bulletin Boards [BB], and newspapers.
Gone are the days, when you juggled with photos and photoshop to design collages for magazines and various college projects.

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In this workshop, you are going to learn how you can make amazing Collages like professional Graphic Designers.
Making collages is made easier by a very light tool "Shape Collage". We will be using shape collage now to make pro looking collage automatically.

1) Download the software from the link provided and follow the instructions.

2) Open shape collage and drag multiple images and drop to the "photos" field on the home page of shape collage.
Now you can add more images by pressing the "+" button, and remove by pressing the "-" button on the screen or simply delete key.

Shape Collage Maker

3) Now make the necessary adjustments on the setting field.

Setting field of Shape Collage contains three tabs:

    a) Shape and Size tab
Shape: This decides the shape of each individual image like- Rectangle, Heart, Circle, Text, or custom brush styles.
Size: Defines the size of collage and photos. This can be either automatic or manual.
Photo Spacing: Changes the spacing between images.

    b) Appearance tab
Background: You can set background among solid background, transparent or any photo.
Border: Sets the color and size of the border.

    c) Advanced tab
Rotation: Set the level of randomness, average angle, the maximum angle of images.
Shadow: You can simply set the x offset and y offset of the shadow or just to none if you don't want and shadow after the border of images.

4) After all the necessary settings are done. Click on the "Preview" button to see the layout of the collage.
Sample Collage pro Shape

5) You can preview the collage again to see any other randomized layout, and when you feel satisfied and the collage looks appropriate "create" the collage and save it in JPEG, PNG and even PSD (photoshop) mode. PSD files can be edited in photoshop.

Sample Collages online By White Hat Android imageSample Collage by White Hat Android

Download Shape Collage 2.5


Windows (7, Vista, XP)

Other Operating Systems

This may save much of your time working with photoshop or other sophisticated image editors.
In photoshop think of
● How many layers you have to work when the number of images increase?
● How about the effects: border, stroke, bevel & emboss, drop shadow, etc.?
● How would you decide the size of each image?
● Which image will be on the top and which one on the bottom(hmm hard too)?

However, there is no software to withstand photoshop. But Shape collage is aimed to save time giving the professional like a collage.
So what do you feel about it? Do you share how do you make your collages?

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Awesome...Looking great. Collage made easy!

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I felt same when i got the software some months ago :)

Link updated!

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Nice, really nice. :)

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