9 Best Android Apps For Business People

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Best Android Apps For Business People and Professionals
Android powered smartphones are more than just cool devices that can play movies. They are powerful computing platforms that enable businesses to experience productivity gains by keeping employees productive while away from the office. Here you will read about the 9 best Android apps for businesspeople that you can use to stay connected and productive even when far away from your desk.

An application that collects contacts and their information, but also keeps track of calls that are missed and social status updates so you can securely and effectively stay up to date with contacts from one central location. Phonebook also has the ability to backup and restore all contact information, so even if you lose your phone, you can still keep your vital business information. This app is available for free from the Android market.

2. TripIt

TripIt is a powerful app that helps business travelers easily keep up-to-date itineraries at their fingertips. All you do is forward your travel confirmation emails to TripIt and it keeps all your activities organized. The app updates your calendar, updates coworkers, provides relevant maps, and sets alarms so your business travel goes smoothly. It’s like having a personal assistant, without the extra cost. The basic app is free, but a pro version is also available for $69 per year.

3. Locale

Locale is an application that will automatically silence your phone based on locations that you define. You can also define locations, like home, where you want it to turn the ringer up high. This application is invaluable for those who are prone to forget to silence their ringer during meetings or forget to turn it back on when away from the office. The app costs $10.99.

Documents to Go is a mobile application suite that lets you edit Microsoft Office files while you’re on the move. The free version of this app is just a viewer, but you can buy a fully functional editing version for $30. This is a powerful application that addresses some of the well known limitations of Android when it comes to productivity.

Sprite Android Backup helps you use your Android with peace of mind. For just $5 you get scheduled backups of more data than other solutions with other options that make it one of the most comprehensive solutions for preserving your Android data. With this app installed, if you lose your data, recovery is just seconds away.

6. Gist

Gist is another social network integration that automatically fetches business profiles for your contacts. In addition to that, Gist incorporates status updates from Facebook and Twitter as well as references to them in the news. This helps you keep tabs on what your associates are up to, giving you plenty to talk about when you meet up with them. This app is free.

7. Bump

Bump works as a modern alternative to business card exchanges. All you do is configure your business card in Bump and then when you meet other Bump users, all you have to do is bump your phones together and the swap is complete. Bump is a free application for Android.

Just in case you didn’t know, your Android phone can pickup virus infections just like a computer can. Look up is a free security app that provides important services such as antivirus protection and backup. It even helps you find your phone when you’ve lost it by displaying your phone’s GPS location in a browser. You can also have it emit a loud siren sound to give you an extra edge when isolating its location.

a VoIP app on your computer, but on your Android phone it is a free second phone number and an enhanced voice mail service. It also offers international calling at very low rates. When you call, you can choose whether you call with your mobile number or with your Google Voice number.

Try these 9 best Android apps for businesspeople and experience the power your Android phone has to make your life better.

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