Facebook AI automatically detects people from the uploaded images

By Shekhar Sahu on 16 December 2010 10:04 AM


Facebook Features Facial Recognition System For Facebook Images By Next Week
The most popular social networking site Facebook continued to be on top in the year 2010. Now Facebook is ready to set a new milestone, Facebook will enable facial recognition feature for uploaded photos in the upcoming week. The Facebook cognitive API has got trained enough to automatically tag people on the newly uploaded photos.

About 100 Million photos are uploaded by the member across the globe every day. Users needed to manually tag persons on photos, which was a hassle. The facial recognition system now will automatically scan and suggest the person tag.

How Would Face Recognition Work?

Facebook partnered with some companies to develop the facial recognition system for Facebook. Fortunately, the system will not necessarily need to start learning from scratch, which was the major challenge. The system will make use of already tagged abundant of images, profile photos etc, to make bio-metric enrollment of Facebook users.

Worried About Privacy?

If you are worried about your privacy, stop crying, there is a good news. Facial recognition feature can be disabled, You can opt-out of this feature if you don't want to use it.

I remember it was me who wrote about the enormous challenge facial recognition possesses and Facebook would never come to this point.  Technology has come too far. They say the world's technology is controlled by GAFA (Google,  Apple, Facebook, & Amazon).

What do you think about this new feature? Waiting to hear from you.

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