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By Shekhar Sahu on 30 December 2010 7:23 PM


If you go through products online on e-commerce sites or read reviews on your favorite blogs like us. Some poor websites don't personalize the foreign currency into the local currency for visitors. With third-party tools, it becomes hard to find the conversion rates because they don't update the foreign exchange rates regularly or the procedure may be difficult or they don't support all currencies. It's said Google can find everything, Let's see if Google could help us solve this problem. 

There is a Google search feature that lets us find the currency exchange rates of almost any country (in Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Rupees, Yen, etc).

Google Currency Conversion

1. How To Convert Currency in Google?

You can convert a currency value into another currency, by making a search query as follows:

<amount><one currncy> in <other/your currency>

Replace <amount> by any number, <one currency> and <other currency by> by either currency special symbols(eg $/US$) or equivalent alphabetical symbol (eg USD, INR, AUD). Refer to the below list of currency symbols.

example: [5 US$ in INR]
see image:

Foreign Currency Exchange Rates in Google Search Photo Rupee Sign

2. How To Find Foreign Currency Exchange Rates?

Currency Exchange Rates are provided by City Bank, but Google provides the disclaimer that the actual price may vary. This feature, unfortunately, displays to US Dollar only.

To find the exchange rate of any currency makes the Google search query as follows:
<currency> exchange rate

Replace <currency>  by the symbol of currency you want to find. Refer to the below list of currency symbols.

example : [yen exchange rate]
see image:

Foreign Currency Exchange Rates in Google Search Photo Rupee Sign

List of Currency Symbols

Note-Some countries have common currencies and some countries use multiple currencies.


 This is the fastest and easiest method of currency conversion. Even Forex traders can rely on it. What do you think?  

Shekhar Sahu

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