How I fixed Dell Laptop HDD Error Code 2000-0416

By Shekhar Sahu on 13 April 2011 2:00 PM


Dell Laptops HDD 2000-0416 Error Code, Bad Sector, System Freeze Problem, Fixing and Replacement warranty

With Dell laptops, there is a common problem of HDD. It's commonly known as 2000-0146 disk error. It causes the system to freeze, applications to stop responding for a longer period of time. Windows OS stops booting and later HDD develops bad sectors. Today we will know what causes this problem, how to check and solve the disk error 2000-0146 with Dell laptops.

Some part of the hard drive gets corrupt if you are lucky enough you can still boot in safe mode. Else if you have a multiboot system then take backup using other OS installed in your system.

Diagnose and Run Self Short Tests

1. Boot your system and press F12.
2. From the boot menu select "Diagnose"
3. The self-diagnosed tool will run a number of tests from CPU, RAM to HDD and other. If the diagnose tool finds any error during the test, it will display the error message.
Especially if it finds disk error 2000-0146, it will display the error code of disk read/write error and message "The disk contains previous errors"
4. Press Esc and exit.

Dell Laptops HDD 2000-0416 Error Code, Bad Sector, System Freeze Problem, Fixing and Replacement

How to fix Dell 2000-0146 HDD error?

Before we go, take a complete backup of data stored on your Hard disk to other media like external HDD (recommended) otherwise you would lose all your data stored in the disk.

1. Goto BIOS setting and see if the HDD is changed from SATA drive to AHCI SATA. If it so changes it back to SATA drive and format and installs the system on Hard disk again.

2. If the above method doesn't solve the problem, then your Hard Drive needs a replacement. There is no other option. If it's in warranty period Dell will replace the HDD at no cost.

What causes 2000-0146 HDD error in Dell Systems?

1. Overcharging the battery and keep the system connected to the external power source even if the battery is fully charged.
2. Fluctuation in the power supply.
3. Improper earthing.

Keep the above mentioned in mind while using your system and keep the HDD safe and the batteries as well.

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