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By Shekhar Sahu on 06 May 2011 4:06 AM


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Do you feel it unsafe now to surf the web? Have you ever got infected by visiting malicious website trying to install a malware, got trapped by online frauds, compromised your personal information, got phished, lost your money, got fooled by spammer app in facebook? Are you annoyed of these badware websites and would like to see Wonderful Wealthy World Wide Web Clean? StopBadware can help! Read more to learn how you can be a part of it.

About StopBadware

StopBadware is a nonprofit organization originated at Harward University's "Berkman Center for Internet & Society" in 2006 based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Which was later joint by Google, Paypal, Mozilla, Nominum, Verizon, and Qualys after 2010. StopBadware helps protect users from threats, aims to stop badware. They provide tools and resources from webmasters, security experts to novice users to stop badware.

StopBadware involves a community of BadwareBusters for manual badware reports. The data is then merged and distributed between different partner data providers - Google, NSFOCUS and Sunbelt Software.


BadwareBusters is a part of StopBadware, a community of people (like us) fighting virus, spyware, phishing, spams, and other badware. Community members are known as badwarebusters, report URLs of badware they find on the web and social networks.

BadwareBusters also provides a list of top 50 IP addresses/network and top 50 URLs reported so you can see which threat is currently on the rise - the badware trends.

Every reported URL is listed on your profile, and you can also report badware anonymously. You can also check if a URL is blacklisted in the clearinghouse.

StopBadware BadwareBusters Communtiy Project to Stop Badware Virus Malware Spam Phishing Online Frauds issues facebook Google

BadwareBusters for Webmasters

If you are a webmaster BadwareBusters can help you identify, remove and prevent entering badware in your websites. If your website is blacklisted you can ask for an independent review of your website. BadwareBuster provides tips & tools to clear the badware from websites. Software publishers and webmasters must follow the badwarebusters guidelines.

In most cases, the infected website contains malicious scripts, hidden iframes, and .htaccess redirects.

Badware and Social Engineering

Hackers and Spammers use social engineering techniques to trap an ordinary internet user. This can be seen with almost all spam emails from known and unknown senders; spammy conversation, wall post, chat, events in facebook. They attract users to click on links and then do perform particular tasks, download software/adware/malware/fake codecs/virus to view any image or video often related to current trending topics like Royal wedding, Osama Bin Laden Shoot videos etc.

BadwareBusters on Facebook

Facebook is hacker's paradise, because it's easy to fool a Facebook user, yes obviously not possible without social engineering, is full of spammy apps, which ask to copy and paste some code (javascript) on the address bar. You should never execute any javascript on the address bar of web browser while you are logged in to Facebook. This could compromise your personal information like account password.

Some of the recent spams, which ask users to execute javascript on the address bar and other spammy apps:
┌ Profile stalker
├ Face revolution
├ Who deleted you on facebook
├ Cam girl
├ Face Wallpaper
├ How will you look after 50 years
├ This man should be stoned to death for doing this.
└ Who views your profile etc.

As a badwarebuster, you can report abuse/spam all the bad URLs on facebook and the badwarebuster's website as well. This will prevent the spam to spread and may help in bringing down the site from a host if the host provider uses the stopbadware's/partner's database.

Get Involved

┌ Join Badware Busters
├ Sumbit Bad URLs  
├ ClearingHouse Search
└ Tools and Resources

You can join the forum for discussing the security issues with community member and also read their blog (our blog as well ;) to know about the latest security threats and how to prevent them.

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