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By Shekhar Sahu on 01 June 2013 6:56 PM


Pidgin Chat Client for all IMs

How many chat rooms and IM networks are you part of? Do you chat on Facebook, msn/live messenger, Yahoo messenger, Gtalk and hundreds of other chat rooms? Then it would be hard for you to manage all these clients. What if you could chat with all buddies on a single clients. Then we have Pidgin an all in one universal chat program with many added features. Let's explore it today.

About Pidgin

Pidgin is a chat client, a GUI front end to the core of instant messaging libpurple system. It lets you login multiple chat and IM networks simultaneously. So you can connect with friends in different networks at the same time.

Supported Chat Networks & Addons

Pidgin supports enormous list of chat networks and service like :
AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, Groupwise, ICQ, IRC, MSN, MXit, MySpaceIM, QQ, SILC, SIMPLE, Sametime, XMPP, Yahoo!, Zephyr

Along with above listed networks Pidgin also supports third party plugins, enabling support for many different chat protocols, enhancing security with encryption, adding features like chat logging, playing music, blocking a specific user, updating status with RSS. All the third party plugins are licensed under GPL license like Pidgin, then only Pidgin allows the third party plugins to work.

Additional Services Description
Facebook IMFacebook the social network
GammuProtocol to send SMS through your phone via usb/serial/bluetooth/irda Agent (mrim-prpl)Russian network Agent (pidgin-mra)Russian network
MicroblogTwitter/Identica/Laconica updates
msn-pecanAlternative MSN access
NateOnKorean network 

NetsoulFrench network
NingNing-based social networks's web-based random chat
RediffbolIndian network
Skype IMPopular voip and text client
SIPEMicrosoft Office Communicator, Reuters Messaging
Tlen.plPolish network
Twitter ProtocolTwitter Buddylist Protocol
WinMX Peer NetworkFile sharing network
XfireGaming network

How To Use Pidgin?

1. After installation fire up the Pidgin Client.

2. Click on Accounts Menu, then select  manage accounts. Now click on add button.

3. From the dropdown list select the desired protocol and enter your username and password.

Pidgin Chat Client for Gtalk Facebook Yahoo MSN MySpace ICQ IRC and other chat networks

If you don't get the desired protocol, download the addon and paste int "plugin" folder where pidgin is installed and as described on the given links below.

4. From the advanced tab you can configure the server address and port and proxies from the third tab.
In most cases 4th step is optional.

5. Now you will see a window of buddylist, right click on frind and select IM and start chatting.

6. You can also send files via pidgin if the your friend using the client supports it.

Supported Platforms

Pidgin currently run on Microsoft Windows, Linux and all other Unix operating systems. It also integrates with  system tray on Windows, KDE and GNOME environment.

Download Pidgin

Download Pidgin

Benefits of Pidgin

I think there is no need to tell benefits of pidgin now, you already know how helpful it is. Using a single client instead of many save a lot of system resources. It's better then web browser based chat services like facebook, because browsers make chatting less stable and connection fails every now and then. Even there is always possibility of browser crashes. With Pidgin you can save all the previous conversation locally on system.

I hope you like pidgin, and if you find any problem installing and configuring plugins, comment below.

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