Get MIUI Firewall - Restrict Network Usage by System Apps in Xiaomi Phones

By Shekhar Sahu on 29 August 2018 9:22 PM

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Using an antivirus software is never the most effective way to keep your device secure. Many of the applications come with a backdoor which the developer or the hackers may use to gain access to your device, push some malicious content, promoted apps or adware to your device. They may also access your personal contents.

While this not only happens with third-party apps but with official apps or system apps as well. Xiaomi phone users are very aware of this. Xiaomi's MIUI system apps are famous for downloading and installing sponsored contents such as adware, apps, app suggestions and annoying notifications. For example, it makes no sense for a File Explorer app to make an internet connection on MI phone.
 While displaying ads is one way to pay the bills for the developers but users have already paid for their device. And there seems to be no way to disable or uninstall the system apps without rooting the device. I have written an article about it a while ago

Firewall for MIUI
The best way to remove ads and restrict network activities is to install a Firewall app on MIUI. A firewall is a software on your device or the network which shields you from unwanted network activities.

NoRoot Firewall
My personal favorite is the NoRoot Firewall. It has been effective in barring system apps to make network connections from my Redmi phone. 

  1. As the name suggests you don't have to root your phone to use this firewall.
  2. NoRoot Firewall lets you grant internet access permission over wifi and cellular data separately for each of the apps. 
  3. You can also set a global filter to enable or disable IPs and ports.
  4. It also keeps track of all the data access so you can check which app is connecting to which URLs.
  5. It works by creating a local VPN where all packets are routed where packets are either passed or dropped based on your rules you have specified. Don't worry the VPN is not actual VPN so your internet speed is not compromised or private data shared over the external servers.

Download NoRoot Firewall from the Google PlayStore for free.


  1. A firewall is no substitute for an antivirus software or an actual VPN. It will not protect you from keylogger, virus, worm, ransomware etc.
  2. You can't use No Root Firewall along with another VPN application, because it's underlying mechanism is VPN only. 

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