Where did Microsoft's CoolHotmail go?

By Shekhar Sahu on 29 August 2018 12:43 AM


Wait a minute? What is Cool Hotmail? I thought Microsoft's Hotmail was hot.

Well, very few people know Hotmail had a feature where instead of old boring overused hotmail.com, live.com, msn.com, you could choose from various unique, interesting, fancy and stylish domain names eg. clubdhoni.com, iloveyoga.in, samepinch.co.in, koolmail.in, mememe.in, itsmychoice.in, vadapaavrocks.in etc across different categories.

You could choose from more than 100+ email id domains which revealed your personality.
Interestingly most of the domains were registered in India because we were the target users. They had plans to roll it out to the rest of the world as well.

We had shared a brief blog about Cool Hotmail eight years ago. So readers ask me all the time, "Where did this service go or why is Cool Hotmail not working?"

Unfortunately, the service has been discontinued. The website is down. It has caused much panic among the users. Hotmail has been completely migrated to unified metro style Outlook.com now.

If you are looking to create some cool or funky email addresses for yourself, you should read an article I have written on how you can create unique ids whilst keeping it professional.

Shekhar Sahu

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