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27 May, 2010  at 5:56 AM

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Auto Sort Emails into Folders with Custom Filters

images Auto sort Emails to folders- more options in hotmail
Are you one who gets hundreds of emails everyday? How do you manage them? How do you prioritize them to read, sounds odd? You might waste your working time reading the email that's not so important thinking of any urgent one. You get twitter, facebook, Linkedin notifications, Wikipedia alerts, comment moderation (regular) etc everyday. If you skip, you might need to search them later it huh.. They hampers your productivity. A blogger knows this very well - how important is the time management!

If you are using on of the most secured free email service hotmail/livemail from microsoft then all your problems are solved. Hotmail allows you to automatically filter and sort your emails to folders you created or directly delete from particular sender id, subject, or the word containing in it. This option seems to be hidden and is hardly used. So today we are going to explore .

Update: New Live Wave 4 Hotmail Comes with Preset Filters For Social Networking Sites Like Facebook, Twitter. But they will be stored in a single folder together. So I advice you to follow the steps below and make separate folders for each sites.

Hotmail Options

Goto Options>>More Options this button is available on the top right corner or this can be accessed through the following URL directly. {return to this post}

images Auto sort Emails to folders- more options in hotmail

Here you get a list of options to "Manage your account", "Junk Email","Customize Your Email" and "Customize Your Contacts" etc.

Auto sort Emails to folders - Manage Account, Junk Email
photo filter Emails to folders  - customize email, contacts

Create Filters & Folder

In Customize Your Email section, select the option "Automatically Sort Email into Folders". This will take you to the "Edit Filters" page.

Auto sort Emails to folders - Edit Filters page livemail wave 4

Step 1:
   To set rules for your filter two drop down menus and one text field are available.

First Menu - from address, from name, subject, To or Cc lines
Second Menu - contains, ends with, equals, doesn't contain, start with, contains word
Textfield - In the text field type the words, subject, keyword, email id etc according to the options you have chosen.

From address, name, subject, to or cc
filter emails into folders which contains, ends with, equals, doesn't contain, start with, keyword

Make the combination of options to create as many filters as you require. I would like to tell you that it's more than enough to create a rich filter. Let's see two examples of  filter for facebook and twitter. This will guide you to make the perfact combination of filter rules.

Example (1) Twitter
If someone follows you on twitter then you get a nofication from the address twitter-follow-<youremailaddress> Also you get many other mails about direct message etc. The best combination would be as following-
    from address : ends with :

Example (2) Facebook
Direct message, friend requests and other notifications come from, and some messages from So the combination which includes above both is-
    from address : contains : facebook

I think you have now learned how to make the perfect combination of rules for filter :)

Step 2:
   This step specifies the folder where you want to save these sorted emails. You can choose among the existing folders if you have previously created or make new from the same page. Enter the name of new folder. Folders may be named as important, urgent, twitter, facebook, Wikipedia etc.

 auto sort/filter emails into folders like wikipedia, urgent, important, junk

Or even you can set the filtered message to delete automatically, I would suggest to send it to junk instead. When hotmail gives you 25 GB web space (mail + skydrive) so why would you delete any mail!

Step 3:
  All the folders are visible in the home page below the inbox, outbox, junk folder. So you can access them easily as you do with inbox :) If you use windows live mail client then also folders can be accessed as the webmail folders.

I hope this saves your lot of time, energy and electricity. Now go green with hotmail. Did you like the post? Do you use hotmail? If you have any other ways to sort and filter the mails, then do share with us.

Shekhar Sahu

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Nice tips :) but i use gmail. I will let my other friends know about it.

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Yes.. Gmail is the best! :)

Posted on May 29, 2010 at 12:27 AM  

@Ankit which one is the best doesn't matter, use cool features everywhere :)

Posted on June 4, 2010 at 5:54 PM